How awesome am I! How magnificent am I! I’m beautiful! I’m smart! I am a powerful creator! I am an incredible force in this Universe!

How does that feel? Can you get all your energy behind those statements in a joyful, loving, absolutely knowing way? Does it feel “real” when you proclaim these announcements?

Because that is what we are being asked to do: come forward to praise ourselves in all ways now.
• No more judgements of self.
• No more negating of self.
• No more holding ourselves small.
We are to get up in the morning and proclaim: “I love me in my magnificence and glory and I am taking all of me, as that, out into the world.”

Can you imagine how much the world will want to play with that essence? How much more you will want to play with the world when you are being that essence?

We are accepting our good, accepting that we are supported and loved through our expansion, accepting that we love ourselves through our expansion, and therefore, all expansion into our greatest selves is easy and joyful and a full love experience.

This is our authentic journey: to believe and know that we are meant to play big, that we can gloriously handle it, that we are ultimately and completely supported for it, and expect we always gain from it.

Around this we invoke the Violet Flame and the Golden Light.
Go gettum!

Blessings, Dee