The most important person we must speak our truth to is our self. It really doesn’t matter if we speak it to someone else, because when we speak it to ourselves we speak it energetically to all the world. When we are confused or conflicted, we speak that also.

A child knows this all too well. A child knows when there is a weakness of decision in a parent, or between parents, and they know instinctively to hit “that place of weakness/indecision” to get what they want. But what happens when our own child within, our inner child, recognizes a weakness in our adult self that leaves our creation process open for target? What happens when all those fears and false perspectives and judgements realize there is a weakness within and set off to “get their way?” Obviously, the adult that believes he has “committed” is at risk of caving. And that is our challenge right now: to be strong and united in our decisions, beliefs, and knowing.

And that brings us to doubt: when we live in a frequency of doubt, our childish fears attack and we move into that confused place of indecision where creation is thwarted.

We are the magic that creates the vibration which creates the focus which creates the creation. We are the creators of the illusion of our lives. When a magician lacks self-trust, the sleight of hand is seen, the trick revealed, and the illusion shattered. Life works much the same way: doubt the illusion of you and watch you trick yourself with the greatest downfall in your magical career: the non-creation of the Life of You.

Blessings, Dee