All of the following will be channeled information.This is what we are to know about the above three and their place in our lives presently. Last week, I wrote about how anger crashes our Immune System. And how sickness is increasing because of the anger within us. This is how it works:

We won’t give up our stories of “how many troubles I’ve seen”-which keeps us focused on the negative. What we focus on, we repeat. And that makes us angry at the world, because we still believe the world is doing it TO us. And that anger churns inside us and affects our capability to DIGEST everything from food to love to how to shift to the nutrients we take in. Which creates more anger?

We shut down, compress, tighten up in protection which affects our CIRCULATORY systems. Things don’t flow…we don’t flow. We bottleneck and clam up from our hearts to our elimination. We literally decompress.

How is the endocrine system involved? The endocrine system produces hormones that regulate metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, reproduction and sleep. It consists of the pituitary, the thyroid, the parathyroid, the adrenal, the pancreas, and the ovaries/testicles. THE ENDOCRINE SYSTEM AFFECTS ALMOST EVERY ORGAN AND CELL IN THE BODY.

If our digestion is thwarted and our circulation is limited, the endocrine system becomes compromised. It produces too many/too few hormones which help regulate the body functioning successfully. The Endocrine System is the electrical charge for the body. It “sends out messages” much like we send our electrical charge out to the Ionosphere. It directs the body to follow its direction. And what directs our Endocrine System? Our physically embedded reactions and expectations to our “trouble stories.”

So if we want to lead healthier lives, we must
1) give up our stories and be willing to be free and happy,
2) retrain our synapses, and
3) retrain those physical memories embedded within us that are on automatic reaction.

Then the flow happens. Then our bodies are communicating fully within all systems. Then health has a chance. Like all creation, the choice and direction are ours. Are we willing to put down our swords?

Blessings, Dee