OK! Here comes the great summary of the Christ Consciousness information so far AND what we are being asked to balance:

1) Christ Consciousness is defined in the three dimensional world as living in love. Being love.

2) The two components that must be present to live Christ Consciousness now are: loving ourselves and trusting ourselves. We have to love ourselves as the creative force of ourselves. We have to trust that creative force.

3) We must integrate all our energy completely from all dimensions so we are one complete whole within, and one complete whole with our energy existing on all places and dimensions. There is not one ounce of our energy fighting/conflicting/out of harmony with Christ Consciousness.

4) We invoke The Golden Light which consumes all energy not in alignment with Divine Love and Divine Power.

This is the glorious moment of opportunity to be a complete whole. To be the complete representation of our power of creation that we are. Can we trust our creator which is us? Or will our altered ego keep us in doubt and questioning, always with the false illusion that that is what “keeps us safe?”

Doubt can never equal love and trust.
Only when we are in the state of knowing do we relinquish the fear and allow ourselves to trust.

It is our greatest moment to move ahead into miracles. We ARE the miracles. Live the miracle of you.

Blessings, Dee