Yep. Even my friends who are major healers, psychologists, channels and psychiatrists are calling and asking: What the hell is going on?
There is a frenzy in the energy that is making things chaotic and leaving us feeling overwhelmed and out of control. And what does that do? It SWITCHES us!
According to the channel, we are being messed with by energy on other dimensions (including our own energy). It’s coming forward to literally scream at us: accept your responsibility or suffer the consequences of overwhelm and fear.
The state of our leadership and country and world is being affected by this also, and, in turn, is affecting us even more.
We MUST start knowing, loving and holding the focus on what we are CHOOSING to create….no matter what.
That means no matter what happens outside of ourselves by others, or the world, we still remain in our power to choose and focus on what we want. When something threatens our self-creation, we get switched, we stay in reaction, and we drop the focus on what we want. Our chakras and our hearts close down, and creation stops, and then we REALLY feel the chaos!
1) know what you want,
2) feeeeeel great and excited and full of love for it,
3) hold your focus steadfast on it,
4) ask for support from all energy through love and
If we don’t follow these steps, we strengthen the belief, “God betrays me/I betray me.”
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Blessings, Dee
“All great changes are preceded by chaos.”

 – Deepak Chopra