This is an amazing 6 week program that teaches you how to move into the state of love, and learn to FOCUS it to create your desires.  Love is a choice we can choose consciously and harness its Power for all creation. This is what you receive in this amazing gift:

Six weeks of fabulous, concise, video teachings from me to begin your mornings Monday through Friday. These are full of clear guidance, treatments,exercises and guided claims to teach and empower you.They are short and easily doable each morning.

Six weeks of audio support from Dee every evening Monday through Friday.

2 Fifteen Minute Privates (Beginning and end of Program all bookable online on the Calendar)

3 Group, 1 hour webinars for Q/A = 3 hours of together exploration and support (Wednesday July 11th, Wednesday July 26th and Wednesday August 8th, there will be Replay Links to Those Who Can’t Attend)

Dates: July 2nd – August 10th

Join me in the joyful expansion of YOU.  Yippee!  Dee

Details to Follow After Sign Up in Separate Email

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