Things are moving fast, guys.


And we have to, more than any other time, 1) stay in the moment and 2) adapt. That will help us keep our balance through all the drama unfolding.


Things are happening so fast, that one of the predictions from our big webinar changed after we met, because of “things that transpired.” When we checked in, it was the telephone call President Trump made to Georgia, asking for “more votes to be found.” That affected the energy so much, it brought two Democrats to the Senate instead of one. So from now on, we must add “at this moment.”


I’ve always known that things can shift depending on the collective, but this was record speed in my experience. So, be aware that things will be going at lightning speed for a while.


Relax. Breathe. Hold your balance with love.


Remember, YOU are the power, the love, the joy and the choice! YOU create you, and by consciously doing that, you also create the world by contributing your energy to it. Be conscious, do what you know. Everything begins balancing out in the world in March.


At least … in this moment.




“We serve the world when we serve others. We serve the world when we serve ourselves. We are one energy.”

-The Channel