That’s a nice word for it: commotion. It feels like we have gone into the black hole of Before Land to never return to the peace, joy and love we have been experiencing. OK. Maybe hell is a better word!

On my trip to do the keynote speech at Dolores Cannon’s amazing Transformational Conference, I experienced this phenomenon first hand. The minute I landed, my cell phone froze. It took me two hours just to get it unlocked while being guided by a very patient, albeit frustrated gentlemen from Apple. That night I totally lost my voice. Now that’s interesting: you lose your voice when you are there to do a keynote speech.  Read those words again: KEY NOTE.

Of course, you know I walk my talk. I immediately asked, what needs to be back in balance?  Walking myself through the four cornerstones, and an energetic visit from Dolores herself, revealed the truth.  I had been consumed with the book I Am the Word. It resonated with everything I believe and teach. Until I got to the chapter on the plane that stated that “you can’t say you are God.” This is how we set up our paradoxes for ourselves: we leave our own truths. That subconscious little piece of Dee that still was in doubt got plugged in big time.  As I look back about that moment on the plane, I can remember hearing my small voice think, “Maybe they aren’t ready at this conference to hear and claim they are God.  Maybe I need to soften the message.” I left my knowing. And my truth. That night, I completely lost my voice…because I was not speaking my truth.

Dolores came to nudge me: “Tell your truth Dee. That’s why we brought you.” And my voice, somehow quite miraculously, came back a half hour before the presentation.

On the way home, we lost air pressure in the plane cabin and made an emergency landing in Phoenix. Then after four hours of waiting, the next flight was cancelled as we were boarding. I stayed a night in the hotel from hell. God knows what lurked between those covers. It gives me shivers to think about it.

So when I finally arrived home, I began looking for what I call The Common Thread.  What did all these happenings have in common? They were all about connection, and not making the connection. And this is what I found: WE ARE CAUGHT BETWEEN THE OLD AND THE NEW WORLD. We have one foot in both. And we are setting ourselves up for the final decision: do I put my whole self in and hokey pokey, or do I keep straddling the two worlds? Do I go all the way over to the peace, joy, love and ease?  Or do I still need the dichotomy? That’s what “going home” really means. Immersing ourselves into the New World…which is already present if our perspective allows us to see it and live in it.

Give up those beliefs in the old rules and regulations: miracles can’t happen, creation takes times, and I still have to be tested. Miracles CAN happen and are happening everywhere. YOU are the miracle. Create the miracle of you right now, in every moment of now. I Am the New World!

Blessings, Dee