It appears to be confusion. Or miscommunication. Or lack of communication. But it is really in my face everywhere! I will explain a direction, or what I want, or tell what seems to me to be a very clear story…and people misconstrue what I am saying. It happens everywhere…like we are all talking to each other but from different dimensions. For example, I was explaining what I needed from a list of things my Realtor needed. Joanie kept saying we don’t have the list. I kept saying we got the list (via email) but we need to get things on the list. She replied we still didn’t have the list we needed (could not locate email) so she couldn’t get the things on the list. Laurel and Hardy would have made a million over this routine. But it wasn’t funny. It was frustrating, and I find that it is happening with my daughter, my guy, my agent. You get the picture. So it’s “up.” And I want to know what is trying to be brought to my consciousness. So here goes:

1) The correct question is “What is this not about?” Huh?
2) The answer: cheese. Don’t have a clue.  Okay, I love cheese. The channel interrupts, “No.” We meant the cheese that people say when you take a picture.” Okay. So two different directions, two different meanings. So I am asking…what do we need to know about that? No
3) Understanding is the highest word. “Okay, What do I need to understand?”
4) Now I am shown militants, and religious fanatics, and the war in Afghanistan. And given the word “love.”
5) So I am being asked to look at the different meanings of love? More specifically, the different interpretations of love.

Wow. You never know where the breadcrumbs are taking you.
Trust is the key.
So, the Trust of Love.
What do we need to know about the Trust of Love? Nope.
We need to TRUST THE LOVE.
Love is the highest and purest form of communication. People get it. That’s why E.T. and The Wizard of Oz and Peter Pan last through generations and generations. They speak the language of love. When we trust the language of love, we communicate the truth.
So let us open our chakras, balance them, and direct our Hara Lines to be straight, strong, and through the ID point so we stay in our knowing of Love as the great Communicator. Now, forever, and always. We send the intention from our hearts for all to receive clearly and succinctly. The truth is the truth. And so it is.

Blessings, Dee