2019 Predictions Week Offer – Jennifer McLean & Dee Wallace




This Incredible Package from Dee includes:

Paradox Pizza – This is channeled information regarding the different pieces of habitual patterning: where the cause is, and how it escalates into our lack of power. When we know the root cause, and how to direct our energy toward the positive choice, all our creation work becomes more effortless and expansive. WOW! Begin here! Valued at $40

Getting Out Of Staying Stuck –  Dr. Shannon Wilson, PHD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, will be joining myself and the channel in a discussion about how to finally move out of our stuckness and into our creation.  I hear so many of you say ” I don’t know how,” or ” I just can’t seem to make it happen,” or ” Why is the Universe blocking me?” So let’s get some definitive answers so we can MOVE and really finish our creation processes! Valued at $40

Spirituality and Brain Science: Breaking Down The Formula –  Here is the webinar I have been waiting to offer you. We will be breaking down the spiritual formula for creation, and pairing it with the science behind it to get a concrete understanding of WHY and HOW the channel’s guidance works. WHY and HOW are we our own creators? HOW and  Valued at $40

The Symbol and the Formula – The Most Advanced Means of Creation Possible, The Creation Formula is unlike anything offered on this plane. It is the culmination of nearly two decades of work, surpassing every known modality of conscious creation its authors have ever seen. Dee Wallace and Jarrad Hewett have spent their lives compiling the information that made this work possible, and now, for the first time anywhere, it is being offered to the public. For eons, consciousness has been asking for the freedom and empowerment of easy, effortless, joyful, and instantaneous creation. We believe The Creation Formula and Symbols are the answer to that call. Valued at $47

Total Package Equals $167, but for Predictions Week it is $57!!




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