Accessing Your Wisdom Potential


This wonderful package includes several of my most important webinars:
1) The Most Important Decision You Will Ever Make
2) Channeling
3) The Electrical Charge of the Universe
4) Empowerment AND
5) An Individual Channel of Your Greatest Block to Accessing Wisdom


1) The Most Important Decision You Will Ever Make
Einstein said: The most important decision you will ever make is whether we see the Universe as friendly. Every belief system and perception you own stem from this beginning. These are the tools that shape who we are therefore our lives. Stop and ask yourself: what is my perception of this world? Is it for me or against me, listen as all information about this choice is offered HERE! YOU are the Universe of YOU: if you see the big Universe as —you see the Universe of you in the same way. Be the Universe that supports you. Change your perspective and Who-hoooo!

2) Channeling
This webinar will cover everything you need to know–or remember–about being the most open, accurate channel possible. We will delve into limiting beliefs about trust, self-worth, and ability so you can move into the empowerment of obtaining the highest information for yourself and others. To truly be able to access, and feel, the truth is a power beyond words. You no longer have to guess or wonder if you are on the right track, and you receive mind-blowing information for self creation. Join Dee for this webinar on the power of channeling, and hear the God of You clearly.

3) The Electrical Charge of the Universe
Think of a lightning storm, and the electrical connection from above to below. That is the channeled picture of the electrical energy connection between all thought and chosen thought that you electrically magnetize to you through choice. Love and Joy are the emotional states that drive the intentional vibrations of choice, which create the perfect storm of creation. The information around this is staggering, and the reaction to the simplicity and responsibility of living in love are inviting people to face their biggest “stuff.” Join Dee as we unravel, empower, and clarify how this scientifically works, your power in living as your own electrical conduit and how it creates the health or disease we experience.

4) Empowerment
Empowerment needs to be fun! That is an intricate part of Creation Itself! These three exercises are life changing, simple and fun. They can be done anywhere you want to balance yourself and bring yourself back in to conscious creation. Dee’s clients have been using these exercises for years with great success, leading to — in Money, Success, Health, and Relationships.



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