Expansion Meditation Package


Includes the Expansion Meditation Package ((3) guided meditations and activations for expanded consciousness) and the creation formula and the symbol.


This package includes the latest guided meditations (3) and activations for expanded consciousness. It brings limitations to the conscious awareness, balances them, redirects them and allows you to accept the powerful responsibility for the creation of yourself, which directly affects the collective consciousness and the world. Included is the frequency of all possibilities, which we are being asked to be now. Also included is a list of limiting beliefs that ALL fall under the great belief “I am helpless.” Move out of helplessness and into the powerful creator you are! These 3 meditations are short, easy, hugely effective and dynamic. Are you ready to claim your power?

THE CREATION FORMULA & THE SYMBOL This formula and the symbol balances energy, clears energy blocks, implants the highest positive claim, and creates the unification of the God you are (in all time-space continuums, dimensions, and atmospheres continuously, and for all time). It creates you and your reality as the experience of being Divine Love. Simply claim the formula & the symbol around your chosen intention. Choose to know.

FORMULA FOR CREATION: This is a channeled formula that contains the three languages that will be used in the next few years: words, frequencies, and symbols. It is one page representing the entire creation process *(includes pdf download).

SYMBOL OF CREATION: This is the One Universal Symbol that is shared intergalactic-ally representing the formula, or creation itself. The above Formula & Symbol are accompanied by a video explaining what each section represents, and the power it holds (includes pdf download & video).


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