I AM MONEY: This is an awesome on camera presentation through the channel that gives you EVERY piece of info you need about creating money. Money is an emotional creation! It is love. It is energy! And you want it more than you know. Allow yourself to accept that, and know YOU have all the control over what your consciousness does with the money. If you are worried about money, you simply are not creating a greater life for yourself. Your focus is pulled to survival. Get on top of your beliefs about money, and get your power back! You are here to create much more than financial worry. This will blow your mind! Approx. 2 hours (streaming video)

SWEET SUCCESS: This taped on-camera channel will astound you with information about success, what it really is, and how you are the creation of it before you take ANY action! As always, the channel invites us to see beyond our mental minds into the world of all possibilities. If you have “been trying” and not seeing much success, there are definitely answers here to shift that. Approx. 2 hours (streaming video)

8 STEPS OF CREATION: As the title states, these are the eight steps in creating absolutely anything. If one of these steps is eliminated, creation is sabotaged in some way. Know them, live them, be responsible for them, and watch your life change!! (pdf)

RECEIVE~ OPENING THE FLOW: Now is our time, guys! The opportunities to receive are alive and possible as never before…if we are creating the energetic atmosphere to allow it. As we know, giving and letting go is an important part of receiving and letting in. And there are many sneaky, old patterns and quiet hiding beliefs that are keeping us out of this glorious balance of masculine and feminine that might be limiting the openness of flow. Join me, and let’s bring together the awesome power of Us, as we discern the highest information to blow this wide open!


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