Predictions Week 2024 with Jennifer McLean!

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I put together this video package for you because it summarizes what you need to know about the Creation Process: IT ALL BEGINS WITH YOU

YOU are the Light. YOU are the Clarity. YOU are the SUCCESS and the MONEY. When you LIVE this truth, your life changes. Dramatically. Enjoy with Love!


The package includes:


I AM CLARITY ($50 value)



How many times a day do you hear yourself say, “I don’t know?” I don’t know how, I don’t know when, I don’t know who, I don’t know what. Those statements are directions from you to your own self “not to know.” It will be impossible for you to discern your highest guidance if you keep stating “I AM a person who doesn’t know.” This 2 hour video presentation brings powerful messages from the channel about the imperative urgency of clarity and how to manifest that in our lives.


I AM MONEY  ($50 value)



This is an awesome on camera presentation through the channel that gives you EVERY piece of info you need about creating money. Money is an emotional creation! It is love. It is energy! And you want it more than you know. Allow yourself to accept that, and know YOU have all the control over what your consciousness does with the money. If you are worried about money, you simply are not creating a greater life for yourself. Your focus is pulled to survival. Get on top of your beliefs about money, and get your power back! You are here to create much more than financial worry. This will blow your mind!


I AM SUCCESS ($50 value)



This 2 hour video will surprise you with the channeled information regarding the energy that must be in alignment for success to manifest in your life and business. Remember, everything begins within the Universe of You. When you are in alignment and harmony with success, you become the vibration of it, and call more of it to you. What you learn here applies to success in everything: relationships, money, business, and health. It will present an entirely new perspective for you.


I AM LIGHT ($50 value)



Unbelievable! This 2 hour video gives such clarity around how we create, that we create, and that we are the energy of creation Itself. The visuals alone will give you a whole expanded way of understanding how important YOU are in creating the life you desire, by taking the responsibility for your own light energy, and the light energy you are working with to bring into 3 dimensional form. Again, the clarity and new thought that the channel brings forward will open you up to new possibilities and power.


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