RACISM – A Conversation on Race, Discrimination, and Love



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Our consciousness is being bombarded with this subject. What exactly IS systemic racism? What are the energetic causes behind racism, and why do they continue to perpetuate? Do we believe we have the power to change it? And if so, how? What are the belief systems and patterns that must be confronted and redefined?

WE CAN NO LONGER TURN AWAY from this subject. We must address this issue for our own expansion!

This includes ALL racism and discrimination, including towards BIPOCs, the LGBTQ+ community, and religions. We will also discuss Self-Love and Being Loved by Others.

Join Dee and The Channel for a deep exploration into how we can make a difference in our lives and our world by addressing this issue within ourselves.



As always, if you need any financial assistance, please reach out to info@iamdeewallace.comĀ 


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