Self Love: The Key to All Creation with Self Love and Self Care Symposium

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I Love Me Playshop – $60 value

A live, 5-hour presentation of an amazing workshop on loving yourself, which is the basis of all manifestation. Have fun, shift loads of energy and experience love–and love for yourself–in a way that you never have before! Dee considers this her most valuable product because self love is the key to creation. The next best thing to Dee in person! Expansion guaranteed!


Holding the Focus of Self Love – $50 value

Wow! We are finding that we have been right in our information about the principle of self love. We just had no idea that THIS is the basis of creation itself: both in dissolving the old and the creation of the new! Join Dee for glorious exploration into self love and how to use it in the creation of light into manifestation. Learn the specific steps, techniques and the EXPERIENCE of creating with this powerful tool. If we are not utilizing self love, creation itself is … non-existent. Holy Hell! What does THAT mean???


The Urgency of Self Love – $40

WOW! and Hallelujah!  Patricia Cota- Robles is joining me for this exciting webinar about delving into the glory, honor, and indeed the necessity of self love in this lifetime. Together, we will discover and summarize the truths about this amazing force: why we have been dissuaded from it, why we might be in fear of accepting and living it, and how we can powerfully manifest and Be the experience of it. Join my channel and Patricia’s direct connection to the higher realms for this gift of love. Give yourself a great Valentine!


The Little Child Experience – $147 value

Our “little children” inside of us got very different messages that are not advantageous to what our adult selves want to create now. These messages are formed through direct teachings, witnessing what is modeled in front of us, and by our own incorrect deductions and connections. In order to truly manifest what we want NOW, we need all of our belief systems to be integrated as One Voice. In this on camera, four part presentation, you will learn how to access your little child, their fears and their limiting beliefs. You will learn how to redirect them, and how to integrate them so they are working with you toward your desires. Join me in this amazing program that will give you insights and freedom!


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