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This webinar is about exploring how to integrate your Whole Self in the Creation Process, and no one understands how to explain that better than my guest Michael Shevack. Michael, a former hippie, has taught at two universities and has studied almost every major religion (He’s also a rabbi!). He came to understand that the foundation of all creation is spirituality expansion and science. Michael has written a fun, yet profound book called Soul Lessons from the Wizard of Oz that has captured my heart because of its simplicity and power.

In this webinar, you will receive new aspects of our work, understand in a more powerful way how to access all of yourself to create… and most importantly, how easily you can align yourself with the Universe! That’s how creation, personal and shared, manifests!

One of Michael’s great quotes: “The true, deeper secret is learning how to unify Mind, Heart and Will – like the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion – into a single, powerful Soul Force.”

Learn how to be fully human and align yourself to “the way Life works.” This is going to be one of the most fun, expansive webinars yet!

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CLICK HERE to sample Michael’s book, Soul Lessons from the Wizard of Oz


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