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***WE ARE HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE CREATION STATION 2018 is FULL. PLEASE EMAIL aurora@iamdeewallace.com for further information**
The complete training, and advanced information, of Dee’s work is back again!
Included this year will be:
1) working with the pendulum and learning how to receive the highest guidance,
2) how to use the invaluable sheets we work with,
3) specific work regarding how to get to and decipher core beliefs…and to understand them in the highest way,
4) processes to open your hearts and really move into self love,
5) how to open and align chakras for maximum creation and
6) individual work on alignment.
Of course, the channel, as you know, brings in vast and valuable information even up to, and during, the event itself depending on the group assembled. You can choose to stay at Dee’s house (sleeping bags/adult sleepover time) or select a hotel of your choice. In any case, this is a fun, expansive, rewarding time together with Dee and the channel you will not want to miss! Check out some testimonials here.
August 31, Sept 1-2.
Payment plans available.
* a minimum of 15 people required. All breakfast/lunches provided. Dee reserves the right to change the date if a movie offer arrives! *


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