*NEW* GUN VIOLENCE – Brand New Webinar with Dee Wallace


June 30, 2021

6-8PM PT/9-11PM ET


We MUST address this issue going on in America and the world. It is, at this point, an epidemic of personal, societal, and cultural self-definition.


We have literally started to define ourselves as “a nation and world who has the right to bear arms against innocent people.” And however we define ourselves, is how we create ourselves.


“This is a nation of the people, by the people and for the people.” It is a true statement that the majority of “peoples” do not want to live in energy that separates us with fear and aggression. We must make ourselves be heard.


It is also true that we want to protect our constitution. How do we support the “right to bear arms” and stricter gun laws? It’s a tricky question, and ONE THAT HAS NOT BEEN ANSWERED. So, the energy has no direction, and the violence will increase until WE decide exactly what we want.


Join Dee and the channel for this very important discussion at this crucial time in history. It is not too late to create peace.


As always, if you need any financial assistance, please reach out to info@iamdeewallace.comĀ 


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