“To share from your heart is to say to the world:

I trust you and know I am

safe and secure here”

-Dee Wallace


Want a story that is an amazing example of doing the work and living consciously? I have one! I set a very clear intention a year ago to consciously create opportunities and experiences of "being with the big guys who are nice, talented, and make great money." I...

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It's everywhere. And it's getting worse. I just read a study that said 1 out of 10 people are plagued with stress, and the rest of us "are dealing with it." But stress isn't something that happens to us. Stress is something that we ALLOW to happen to us.  The...

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Circles are great in Geometry, when a dog spins in excitement, and in The Lion King's "Circle of Life".  But there is a certain kind of circle in the creation process that does not serve us. Let's call it "The Infinite Circle of Frustration". If not handled, it...

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Judgment doesn't make us happy. We THINK it does because, for one brief moment, it allows us to feel right and escalate ourselves above someone else. But the basis of judgment is always FEAR. We fear "they" are better, we "fear" what they are doing to us, we "fear"...

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I am hearing that from everyone!     "I'm so tired...I don't have any energy...I don't know what's wrong with me..."   When I keep hearing it from many, I know something is up!!   Then I was discussing it with my trainer, and he said,   "Yeah. Millennials are always...

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That's my new claim: Life is like Bora-Bora: peaceful, relaxing, integrating, warm and filled with special loving moments and relationships. It's a pretty good analogy to hold in intention, don't you think? Why do we think we have to go on vacation to create this in...

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So this has been my last 24 hours: we shot all night long Saturday night. I got back to the hotel around 6 a.m.. I slept for two hours, got up to do my Conscious Creation Radio Show, drove two hours to the airport, and took a five hour flight to Los Angeles. Needless...

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So here I am in New Iberia, Louisiana.  It's a strange little town that time has forgotten: lots of closed stores, one tiny main street, and only two decent restaurants to choose from. I am reminded again of what the channel brought in a year ago: those who adapt...

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...Because people in the community are creating right and left, feeling better, are happier, and are remaining more balanced. And that's a lot to say in this frantic, noisy world.  We are doing this by CHOICE and directing our consciousness toward how we choose...

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I just returned from Jennifer McLean's amazing MasterWorks Healing Conference. It was a glorious gathering of amazing souls asking for growth, empowerment, and shift. We laughed, we cried, sometimes we even argued for our points of view, leading to more expansion and...

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Originally from Kansas City, Kansas, Dee Wallace has worked as an author, teacher, dancer and actress in film, television, and stage for over 40 years.