“To share from your heart is to say to the world:

I trust you and know I am

safe and secure here”

-Dee Wallace


Today, I want to discuss Core Belief #3: I don't think I have enough energy to do this. However, we are tweaking it a bit to read: I don't know I Am the energy that creates (and fill in the blank.)   IF you don't truly know that YOU are the energy, you keep...

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For those of you who missed our last show, I want to review the biggest new understanding the channel made clear regarding the law, "As you believe, it is delivered to you."   The channel explained the answer to a question we have been asking throughout time: Why...

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I want to begin discussing some of the Core Beliefs listed on the Sheets so everyone understands them and their importance in the creation process. The first one the channel suggested is number 49: I cannot create with other energy.   In fact, that is all you CAN...

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...is the most powerful tool we have to create with. It is, literally, the "main ingredient" in any creation. It is the frequency that drives the desire to create anything. It is our ultimate power.   “On this day of your life, I believe God wants you to know ......

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In the hundreds of private sessions I do monthly, one rule that most people are missing and confused about is this: they still are not "getting" that EVERYTHING we create is created WITHIN US FIRST.       What exactly does that mean?   1) I am...

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Some exciting news dropped on the show on 10/8!   We discovered that we all had an invisible, energetic shield around us that we put up long ago (sometimes lifetimes) that we use as protection. We are "shielding" ourselves from hurt and harm.   However, that...

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The world seems to be wallowing in it. Not enough times. Not enough money. Not enough energy.   The definition of overwhelm is, "to weigh upon overpoweringly. To crush." So, we are being "crushed" by the worry and exhaustion of not having enough ... energy,...

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This video is the opposite, line by line, backwards and forwards. Not only does it read backwards but its meaning is backwards.   This is a video that was submitted in a contest by a 20-year old.  The contest was titled "u @ 50" by AARP.  This video won second place....

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9/11 was a day of disbelief, horror, tragedy and hate in the chronicles of America. It was a day we thought could never happen. It created us feeling unsafe in our own country. AND THAT IS THE STORY OF 9/11.   We know that to move into the creation of what we...

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