The Autoimmune System with Dee and Dr. Frank Bredice


You will want to hear this one!  Dee and Dr. Bredice discussing the autoimmune system! Thank you all for joining us!

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Dee and Dr. Bredice discuss the autoimmune system! We know that Autoimmune Disease is on the rise, that it is connected to inflammation which is the beginning of disease, and that there are specific warning signs to alert us before the particular disease is full blown. Diabetes, thyroid issues and cancer are three of the biggest diseases with known autoimmune connections, but there are actually over one hundred that have been identified. Please join Dr. Frank Bredice and the channel to look into the energetic (autoimmune is when the body turns against itself) and the physical meanings of Autoimmune. Remember: we must love ourselves enough to take care of our health so we can focus on the bigger spiritual/energetic issues at hand.


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