“To share from your heart is to say to the world:

I trust you and know I am

safe and secure here”

-Dee Wallace


I happened to fall upon an interview with Jennie Willoughby, the ex-wife of Rob Porter, who left the White House because of information regarding his spousal abuse of two wives. This is not a political eblast. It is about something that moved and touched me greatly....

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So I have been in the process of very consciously reprogramming myself around beliefs and feelings that...haven't felt good. Most of them are around " They don't like me," or "They don't want to be around me," or " I don't fit in." Being immersed on a set for 14 hours...

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You know the best part of all this amazing creation process journey? Sometimes the magic just happens, and it all comes together, and everything you have been intending and choosing and creating....gets created. That is what happened in this awesome movie experience...

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Okay. After an amazing month of special privates, two main limiting beliefs seem to be shared by a plethora of people: It's not possible AND I've missed my chance. First of all, you can't miss your chance because every second is open to creation. And if you had the...

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Hi Dee, I'm sending this note for two testimonials I want to share with you. 1) My husband lost his job in early December and had surgery three days later. I became overwhelmed and got out of alignment for most of December. Once I recovered my balance I got to work...

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Soooooo, here is some new and expanded understanding regarding the creation process. We know we have to define who we are in order to BE the definition of what we want. I Am the God of__________. Since God is all thought, possibility and space in between, It is both...

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I can't wait until Valentine's Day. I have to write about love now. Right now. This very moment.Because I'm bursting, and when you're bursting, you just gotta share it! I spent four glorious days of love with my two best friends from Kansas, reminiscing, laughing,...

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Okay. I am sitting here ready to shoot my commercial. It represents a big breakthrough in me applying what I teach, which helps me stand behind the principles I bring to you: 1) Know what you WANT ( not what you don't want) 2) release any old belief systems/feelings...

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We must have turned a really big corner in the expansion of the work, because amazing things are being downloaded to us. First of all, it was my understanding up to this point that we choose our parents/immediate families because they represent what we DID NOT want,...

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