“To share from your heart is to say to the world:

I trust you and know I am

safe and secure here”

-Dee Wallace


The third installment for Christmas is giving.  Right away I go to the old adage, "It's better to give than to receive."  Obviously, this was written by someone who just didn't understand how energy works. You can't have giving without receiving. You can't...

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The second installment of the Christmas theme is Love.  In this, and each Christmas season, the basic core emotion is Love. Something happens, something changes, at Christmas.  Somehow, the majority of energy comes together in agreement that we are given...

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'Tis the season my friends!  I thought this month I would write about different themes of Christmas from the spiritual point of view. Joy is the first word the channel gave me.         Joy to the World! WOW! There has to be...

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What are you thankful for? If the first answer wasn't "myself," I invite you to look again. I Am thankful I live consciously. I Am thankful I Am the Creation of Me. I Am thankful I take responsibility for my life. I Am thankful I am always expanding in my Knowing. I...

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The nuances around this subject can be tricky to decipher. It's coming up a lot in my life with different people in different areas. Entitlement has a negative, who-do-you-think-you are vibe to it.  Personal Power is a positive attribute most of us are aspiring...

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As always, just when we think we've gotten it all, the work explodes into an expanded, even more powerful, expression of Itself. It came about in a variety of ways that the Universe has been communicating ... the least of which is a health food bar! But before I...

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I am, literally, on my way back home after two and a half weeks of traveling. Home. I can hear E.T,'s longing voice calling his heart to return to those he loves. I identify Yes, Judy, "there's no place like home." Like Toto, Freedom will be wagging and whining to...

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I know I have had many gnarly past lives in Germany ... on both sides. I know this from my own channeling and several different people who I respect detailing some of the same scenarios that I discovered myself.  Affirmations, if you will.  So here I am,...

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We have to accept it.  Period.  The time of "working up to believing we are powerful" has come to an end. KNOWING we are has arrived. Want to know how "not knowing you are the powerful creator" shows up in your life? These are a few of the myriad of ways: 1)...

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I must get that question twice on each show and at least 7-8 times a week during private sessions.  That question makes me understand that many of you still don't understand the direction of energy. YOU HAVE TO DIRECT ENERGY or it doesn't know where to go or what...

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About Me

Originally from Kansas City, Kansas, Dee Wallace has worked as an author, teacher, dancer and actress in film, television, and stage for over 40 years.